Google Business Group’s BizFest Comes Back to Peshawar

Google Business Group-Peshawar is yet again taking the provincial metropolitan city’s tech and entrepreneurial scene to the zenith. GBG-Peshawar has been successfully running since the past five years, by its lead, Ms. Maryam Arshad.

On 24th November, 2019, BIZ FEST which is an international conference with a focus on Technology and Business will be hosted by GBG-Peshawar. This conference will be held at the Pearl Continental Hotel, Peshawar and will be free of cost. Applications are open and the selected lucky ones will get a chance to be a part of this great learning opportunity in the provincial capital.

The major supporting partners for the conference include Impact Dynamics, NIC Peshawar, Rehman Medical Institute (RMI), Directorate of Archaeology and Museums, KPK and Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa IT Board as a strategic partner along with Peshawar Model School City University.

Prominent policy makers will grace the event including the IT Minister Kamran Bangash, Shahram Khan Tarakai, current provincial minister of KPK of local Government, Elections and Rural Development. Whereas speakers include Ms. Kanwal Jehan, who is the founder of Growth spire in the US, Mr. Favad Soomro, the head of Engro foundation in Pakistan, Ms. Ghalia Naseer, head of Forums and Engagements at Dawood Hercules, Sarwat Gillani, an actress par excellence, Sarwat has been the Brand Ambassador for Special Olympics Pakistan and is a Child Health Care Ambassador for the UN in Pakistan, Mr. Faizan Laghari, chief Rnnr at Rnnr and Founder The CEO of Rehman Medical Institute, Shafique ur Rehman will be on the Health and Technology panel. Murtaza Zaidi, the Director of NIC Peshawar- Murtaza will be on the opening panel discussing Technology and Innovation. Waqas Khan, the director and founder Reboot Interactive will be speaking on the conference, Eric Bhatti, the co-founder of Oraan and community-manager at GDG Kolachi will be present. Syed Muzamil Hassan Zaidi, a vlogger and veteran marketing consultant, founder at Lolz Studios amongst many other speakers. Besides the above mentioned speakers, there will be many other notable persons who would guide all those who have a thirst for knowledge and acquiring tech skills to help them expand their businesses. 

The tracks of the conference will focus around Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing, Design Sprint, AMP, Android and Play, I Am Remarkable, Women Will and Entrepreneurship. This conference aims to equip entrepreneurs of KP and professionals alike with skills that will go a long way in helping the former with their career building and enhancement of already existing skills. Registrations are open, the link is:  . For further details regarding the event, please visit our facebook page:

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