Workshop on Empathy and Cognitive Thinking Ability

Empathy is both, a fundamental human need and a built in instinct!

Today, however these instincts are referred to merely as a strategy. According to the world economic forum’s report in 2016 Emotional intelligence is number 6 in the top ten future skills.
Empathy through cognitive thinking ability is the base opening the gateway to all other soft skills. It is therefore very important for all, especially team leads, to acquire empathy.

Impact Dynamics concluded a research based curriculum that aims at planting seeds of empathy in the very core of your company’s processes. Our 2-day workshop is customized with the most nontraditional hands on learning methodologies that will make the participants able to acquire empathy through cognitive thinking ability and practice it in their daily interactions both with colleagues and costumers.

If you’ are leading a team in any organization or running your own: this workshop is for you.

Healthy workplaces is not just a strategy, it’s a lifestyle!

Join us at the most unconventional Workshop on 17th and 18th of August at NIC Islamabad.

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