20 Stories of Hope From COVID-19

Crisis always brings some amazing people along with all the chaos. Here are some inspiring people who have been working really hard regardless of the COVID-19 crisis.


FindMyAdventure Launches Guide Fund

FindMyAdventure is a tourism marketplace, which brings together numerous people in the tourism industry, which is severely suffering at the moment. “As a tourism marketplace, we have brought hundreds of guides, porters, vendors and other small-scale service providers onto our platform to empower them and provide them with steady business. There’s no easy way of saying this, but people don’t just stand to die because of this virus. If we don’t act now, they may die of hunger, of disease, of hopelessness”, stated the startup in its call to donations for the Guide Fund. The Guide Fund was set up in collaboration with Rizq to offer much-needed relief for families of porters and guides across Pakistan.


Kimmy’s Bag and Luggage Accessories Adapts to Make COVID-19 Protective Gear

Kimmy’s Bags and Luggage Accessories rapidly adapted its parachute items and handicraft related products to make PPE suits as a response to the COVID-19 crisis. They have started designing, producing and distributing PPE kits, including masks, shoes, gloves, caps and gowns to local hospitals and private clinics in Abbottabad.


Poulta develops an Affordable Ventilator based on AI Model

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan, the shortage of ventilators has been a major concern. In order to cope with this issue, the Government of Pakistan took immediate steps to encourage innovation around ventilator design. Poulta, which is one of the startups which submitted its idea for the initiative, pivoted from its AI-based business model to developing a ventilator, which provides patients with oxygen, heart rate per minute, blood pressure information, body temperature and carbon dioxide emissions in real-time on a website. This information will also be accessible by medical practitioners remotely, so that they can treat the patients from anywhere. If such a ventilator is ordered from abroad, it would cost between $10,000 and $12,000, whereas the same quality ventilator has been developed by Poulta for only $2,200.


Prime Minister’s Tiger Force Registrations Get Overwhelming Response

The youth of Pakistan has responded in a massive way to become part of the Prime Minister’s Tiger Force. Not only students, but also professionals from various qualifications and professions have also come forward to become a part of the team. The Tiger Force will play a vital role in carrying out relief efforts across the country.


Bykea Delivers Rations

Bykea, joined hands with Behbud Crafts to deliver ration bags to thousands of home-based workers of Behbud in Islamabad, consistently during the COVID-19 lockdown. Bykea also collaborated with Rizq to deliver hundreds of food ration bags to people’s doorsteps so as to limit their exposure to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Balochistan-based Engineer and Entrepreneur Ali Gul designs Sanitizer Stand and Infrared Thermal Screening Kit

Ali Gul, an engineer and entrepreneur, based in Quetta has developed the prototype of a sanitizer stand that does not require touch, which works with an infrared thermal screening kit that takes body temperature. This machine can be placed at the entrance to buildings, homes and offices to scan the persons entering and at the same time, disinfecting them.


Careem Establishes Support Platform

Careem has collaborated with Karachi Relief Trust, Rizq, Saylani Welfare Trust and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre to give the community a platform to help those in need. In order to donate, you can follow a few simple steps: tap on Careem PAY (wallet); tap on the Donate banner; select the organisation you wish to donate to; enter an amount to donate; confirm and you’re done.


Augment Care offers Online Consultations

During the COVID-19 crisis in Pakistan, AugmentCare is offering the ultimate online consultation solution to the public to encourage them to avoid crowded hospitals, doctors offices and reduce the risk of contamination. Their qualified doctors are able to help people with identifying their symptoms, saving a trip to the doctors, with the first consultation being free of cost.


Rising to the Occasion: RADA Technologies makes 3D Ventilator Splitter Valve

Faced with the Coronavirus crisis and the shortage of ventilators in Pakistan, RADA Technologies rose to the occasion and from limited resources, created a 3D splitter valve to enable one ventilator to serve four different patients. This is aimed at providing a solution by bringing together available resources. The valve was tested successfully at the Shaukat Khanum Hospital.


JS Bank and Sehat Kahani Fight Corona

In its quest to provide free healthcare consultation services, Sehat Kahani joined hands with JS Bank to serve people across the world to enable more and more people to work from the comfort of their own homes.


Government Launches Taleem Ghar Channel

The Government of Pakistan has launched Taleem-Ghar, a TV channel in collaboration with PTV – the channel will be dedicated for delivery of education. The lectures have been especially designed to broadcast for students of Grade 1-8. All local operators will make sure that the channel is on their list. This step has been taken to cater specifically to underprivileged students who do not have access to the Internet to take online lectures.


Telenor Contribution Donates PKR 50 million and Pledges Support to Fight Corona

To continue the Prime Minister’s efforts to fight against Corona virus, Telenor has contributed PKR 50 million to the Prime Minister’s COVID-19 Relief fund. CEO Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO Telenor Pakistan and Chairman Telenor Microfinance Bank, called upon the Honorable Prime Minister to pledge Telenor’s support in helping the government fight against Corona and presented a cheque.


Jazz Contributes to Prime Minister’s COVID-19 Fund

Jazz has contributed PKR 50 million to the government’s COVID-19 relief fund. CEO Jazz, Aamir Hafeez Ibrahim, met Prime Minister Imran Khan to present the cheque and pledge support. In addition to this donation, Jazz Cash also collaborated with the government for its telethon so that people could send in their donations using the Jazz Cash app.


Asim Jofa Employs Stitching Units to Produce PPE Suits

Fashion designer Asim Jofa opened up all 3 of his stitching units during the COVID-19 crisis to produce PPE suits and deliver them to hospitals in Karachi. Various celebrities also joined hands with him in the pursuit and supported him by stitching masks and PPR suits to show their support.


Outfitters Opens Factory to Produce Free of Cost Protective Uniforms

In response to COVID-19, Outfitters has opened up its factory to produce free of cost protective uniforms for our Healthcare Heroes working for non-profit health institutions.


#EhsasKaro Movement by Rizq

Staying true to its ideology, Rizq launched #EhsasKaro movement, where Rizq is aiming to provide ration to 10,000 families of daily wagers and people who have been laid off during this crisis. Numerous organizations and influencers joined hands with Rizq to support this initiative and to promote the message amongst the masses.


Ignite to Fund Innovative Solutions Fighting COVID-19

Ignite SEED Fund is seeking high impact ideas with a short go-to-market time, from the brightest innovators – solutions that can be developed to tackle the most pressing challenges caused as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. The focus areas Ignite is looking at for this challenge include Point-of-Care Diagnostics; Monitoring and Control; Prophylactics and Therapeutics; Electromedical Equipment; Personal Protective Equipment; Predictive Modelling using AI; Innovations in Industrial Raw Materials; Developing Production Process/Methods; Innovation of Production Line Automation; Solutions to Monitor Food/Ration Supplies; Awareness and Understanding of COVID-19.


All-Online National Health Hackathon by National Incubation Center Islamabad

The world is going through an unprecedented change. Healthcare challenges are affecting the way we act, interact and run our businesses. To take these challenges head-on, NIC Pakistan, TeamUp and Jazz xlr8 in partnership with the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination (M/o NHSR&C), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Rehman Medical Institute (RMI), Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America (Open), Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV), National Incubation Center Karachi (NIC Karachi), TVOne Pakistan and Association of Pakistani Physicians of Northern Europe (APPNE), are organizing a solution based all-online National Health Hackathon.


FixIt Develops Anti-Corona Spraying Mechanism

Fixit, a startup based out of Karachi, devised its very own mechanism to spray Gulshan Town (a Corona-affected area in Karachi) to ensure safety of the community.


Roamer resumes Car Rental Service in Islamabad

Roamer has resumed its operations in Islamabad after the COVID-19 lockdown, with only two passengers allowed in the vehicle at a time. Both co-founders Muhammad Hadi and Ali Moeen are taking a pay cut voluntarily along with their core team members to accommodate the salaries of the rest of the staff. They have also eliminated some of the discounts to customers to focus on revenue generation to sustain the business during these critical times.


#StitchtoSave: Umer Hussain initiates PPE Gear Stitching with Limited Resources

Umer Hussain is a food entrepreneur and is the man behind the various chains of Sweet Tooth restaurants all across Pakistan. When the number of COVID-19 patients started rising in Pakistan, being a socially conscious citizen, he decided to help doctors by sending them food as a token of appreciation. Upon speaking with doctors, he discovered that they were in dire need of protective gear, which is severely lacking. He went on the lookout for protective suits and discovered that they were being sold at multiple times the actual price, with businesses trying to exploit the current need in such a crisis. As Umer’s very first business was of textile production, he decided to procure some material and start producing protective suits and masks with his at-the-time limited resources. He started out with producing a sample out of his former employee’s house and he started getting in touch with tailors to stitch the suits and masks. Days later, he is looking at using multiple large industrial units for carrying out the production, where employees will be working while keeping their personal safety in consideration – all of them working together towards producing protective gear that can be given to doctors free of cost.

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