5 tips for startups in Pakistan by Zeeshan Ali Khadim

We had an insightful conversation with Zeeshan Ali Khadim on his learnings while working for Airbnb and he shared amazing 5 tips for the startups in Pakistan.

My main focus at Airbnb (and that of my career) has been on information security. Airbnb is built on trust. The Information Security team plays a critical role in maintaining and building our community’s trust in our platform that enables millions of users to explore the world and belong anywhere.

  1. one of the tips I would like to share is that keep information security and privacy in mind as you build your product or service. As a consumer myself, I think it’s important to make sure that the core part works and is designed well (rather than trying to do everything sub-optimally).
  2. Don’t try to do everything yourself; build out a strong team.
  3. Have a clear vision and mission.
  4. Identify strategy as to how you would get there.
  5. Ruthlessly prioritize so that you are not taking on more than you and your team can handle at any given time.





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