COVID-19 Lockdown in Pakistan: How this Homemade Food Delivery Startup is Faring

Chefling Tales is a web-based platform that discovers and promotes the traditional food of Pakistan. Madiha Hamid, founder of Chefling Tales, discusses how the COVID-19 lockdown is adversely affecting her business. 


How has the current COVID-19 situation affected your business? 


Our business has shut down because of offices being closed as well as delivery systems and our international food tour got cancelled. 


What are you doing to keep your operations up and running during these times? 


Since our business is offline as well as online, our offline space is completely closed. Online deliveries are affected because of lockdown and they will continue again after things normalize – we are using this time to build our menus and experiment through product diversity.

Which tools are you using to stay productive and for keeping in touch with your team? 


We are using Skype, Zoom and Asana 


What are you doing to stay positive? 


Keeping a routine, checking in with people, helping other people and cooking new dishes 


This crisis has shown us that the world will be different once we move past this situation. How will you pivot and what would you do differently in a post-Corona world?


There are new models being thought through around food tourism. We have to survive. We are focusing more on the content creation around our product, as that industry is booming


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