Developers’ Game Jam by Epiphany Games Makes Waves

The closing ceremony for Developers’ Game Jam by Epiphany Games, curated by Epiphany and supported by Revolving Games took place on the 4th of December, 2020.  The closing ceremony marked the end of a two-week rigorous game design and development experience bringing together experts from the local and international gaming industry. The Developers’ Game Jam achieved an overwhelming response and engaged 29 community outreach partners, 25 mentors, 13 workshop facilitators, 19 teams and 9 gaming professionals and enthusiasts as judges.

Team Epiphany was thrilled to see the outcome of the game jam.

“We, at Epiphany, are big on community building, inclusion, and harnessing hidden potential. The game jam has been an amazing experience – it brought together professionals from different gaming studios on one platform to support emerging talent from all parts of the country. I’m grateful for the kindness, patience and hard work that the mentors put in; the valuable content shared by workshop facilitators and the flexibility demonstrated by the judges to evaluate entries and for their candid feedback,” said Samar Hasan – CEO and Founder at Epiphany

The Game Jam, a 60 hour competition, which took place from November 27-29, was a chance for gaming enthusiasts and developers to build games using Unity, Scratch and other engines. The theme was “cute and colourful” and the games submitted have showcased immense young talent and potential in Pakistan.

“Gaming is my passion and nothing makes me prouder than to see Pakistan’s talent pool in this industry. The submitted games were extremely creative and interesting. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to old friends and new from South and Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, Australia and North America for their tireless support and encouragement,” said Asad Ehmed – Chief Strategy Officer and Micro VC at Epiphany

Emmad Irfani, a well-known model and actor, participated in the ceremony and took out time specifically to give a compelling speech to the young gaming talent of Pakistan.

It’s important to learn from your mistakes. You can have all the talent in the world but if you’re not learning from your mistakes, you’re not doing anything new. You have to keep inventing yourself,” said Emmad Irfani, Model and Actor

The first prize was won by team Gryffindors for their game “Without Miles”, second prize by team Dobbers Devs for “Zero Gravity” and third prize by team Play Like Professor for “Pengwing”.

Epiphany Games also had awards for the Best Experience, Special Mention, The Hustler, The Lone Warrior, The Survivor and Chotu Pack, won by team Time Travellers, Nineteen, The Delusionals, Maximum Noobs, Mountain Devs and Team Unknown, respectively.

The prizes were generously sponsored by Revolving Games, The Game Storm Studios and Optimum Being

“We are amazed at how Epiphany Games pulled this event off! It is the most thrilling game jam that we have ever participated in and we are hoping to participate in the next Developers’ Game Jam as well. Not only did they manage to help us via the cool workshops but they also helped each and every one of us by inviting amazing mentors that added immense value. They provided the optimal virtual environment where all of us displayed our gamedev potential!” – Team Gryffindor

“We were shocked really, we thought we didn’t stand a chance, but we have never felt better at being wrong. Thanks a lot to Epiphany Games for organizing this Game Jam. It was an excellent experience and we look forward to more opportunities” – Team Play Like Professor

Our team of developers, the Dobberz Devz, are extremely humbled by the opportunity and award presented to us. Downloading Unity in our first mentor meeting on Day 1 of the Jam, we did not have any idea about unity scripts or planning that goes into game design, but the idea of learning was fun and unique. It is an honor to be selected as top 3 and we owe it all to our mentors who spent day and night, taking time off their work and leisure to guide and inspire us. This journey was well worth the taking, regardless of prizes, because the experience was educational in a really wholesome and accepting community.” – Team Dobbers Devz

To watch the live stream of the Developers’ Game Jam, click here.

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