Digital Bethak: A New Online Show on the Mobile Industry and its Future in Pakistan

In the midst of the COVId-19 lockdown, Retailigence has started hosting “Digital Bethak”, with an aim to raise awareness about the various aspects of the mobile industry. Moderated by Malik Shoaib, founder of Retailigence, Digital Bethak is an online conference, which hosts guests from various parts of the world; these are guests with prominent roles in the mobile industry who share their expertise to enhance the understanding around the industry. Digital Bethak is a weekly series, each episode highlighting certain aspects of the mobile industry in Pakistan.

Digital Bethak Version 01 – Mobile Industry Overview

The first episode of the series hosted Jahanzeb Sarfraz (CEO – GCC and KomKonsult), Rizwan Younas (CEO – TikTech) and Irfan Yousaf (CEO- MeMobile). They shared their immense knowledge and their valuable experiences regarding the industry. The mobile industry overview in this episode featured mobile phone usability ethics, government policies about mobile assembly, distribution business challenges and mobile phone assembly insights.

Digital Bethak Version 02 – Mobile Industry and Distribution Management

The second version of Digital Bethak featured Shariq Syed (Country Head MPA-Apple), Abu Nasar Alvi (Digital Information Consultant) and Hamid Nafees Qureshi (Technical Head GCC). In this episode, the focal topics included mobile retailer development, channel engagement, after sales services and the role of apps like Retailigence in digitizing the retail industry.

Digital Bethak Version 03 – Importance of Mobile Industry

The third version of Digital Bethak featured Muhammad Ali (NLP Mantra), Haroon S. Khan (Sanso Mobile Germany) and Sharukh Rohila (M&P-Xiaomi) and they shared their points of view regarding the role of mobile in our lifestyle, identified European market trends and talked about channel development and strategies and the importance of mobiles in developing countries. 

Digital Bethak Version 04 – Importance of Mobile Handset Industry

The fourth version of Digital Bethak brought together Muhammad Ali ( NLP Mantra), Haroon S Khan (Sanso Mobile Germany) and Sharukh Rohila (M & P – Xiomi). The incredible discussion revolved around the mobile handset and its role in humans’ lifestyle; mobile handset industry in Europe and Germany and what is needed in the industry in Pakistan. 

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