Epiphany Family Grows Again: Meet Little Epiphanies 2020

Pakistan’s first international, time-tested, contextualized accelerator program, Epiphany Lab, recently kickstarted with its third cohort! This is the first time ever that Epiphany Lab is taking place virtually. Focused towards early-stage entrepreneurs, Epiphany Business Model Validation Lab provides a step-by-step guide towards developing a business model, one-on-one mentoring, break-even analysis of the business, financial modelling and much more! There are many things that early-stage entrepreneurs struggle with and Epiphany Lab provides them with just the right information and handholding to help them succeed in their venture. This year, startups will also be guided towards thinking about opportunities and problem-solving during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how to grasp investment during this phase. 

Community building is part and parcel of the Epiphany Lab philosophy and the portfolio companies are fondly known as #littleepiphanies. On the first day of the Lab, Samar Hasan, Founder and CEO of Epiphany kickstarted the session with introductions, fun facts and light humour through various activities! Startup founders and co-founders shared jokes, personality traits and their motivations with each other and everyone rapidly became friends. 

Meet the creative and talented startups that are on this journey this spring:


  1. MachineSells: A digital marketplace for industrial machine trading in Pakistan, where you can buy, sell or rent industrial machines from anywhere in the country.

  2. Orderlo: A startup connecting home-based food vendors to customers who want home-cooked meals delivered at their doorstep. The idea is to empower women all over Karachi and enable them to become financially independent while providing hygienic, healthy, home-cooked food to people with busy lifestyles or who lack culinary skills.

  3. FaktorIn: A web-based invoice discounting marketplace that helps SMEs and startups manage their cash flows efficiently. The startup allows sellers, buyers and investors to directly connect, interact, transact and share information thereby minimizing fraudulent activities and friction using Artificial Intelligence.

  4. MedicAir: This tech startup is designing a smart, autonomous drone for fast delivery of medicines within a radius of 5 km and a carrying capacity of 2 kgs, programmed to deliver according to its mission route as well mobile application for the customer to place an order for the medicine needed.

  5. Wycycling: Handling one of Karachi’s biggest problems i.e. ineffective waste management, Wycycling venture collects inert waste such as plastic bags and converts them into pavements, tiles, bricks, furniture and/or temporary shelter. Besides creating a positive environmental impact on society, it is also generating job opportunities and shelter for underprivileged communities residing in slums.

  1. Kamayi: Kamayi provides an end-to-end recruitment solution tailored to SMEs’ hiring needs at an affordable price. Kamayi aims to ensure the right match for employers and job seekers through the simplest process possible.

  1. AlphaBrain:  This Artificial Intelligence-based venture aims to build an advanced AI platform to transform the world and to help people solve complex problems. The startup is working on its first product, GluMO, which helps people to monitor their diabetes  using AI in an inexpensive, efficient and painless way.


Onward and upward! Startup Guide wishes these #littleepiphanies the very best for the next three months and beyond. 


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