Founder of Red Tale Media on the evolution of digital media in Pakistan

We talked to Ali Swati, founder of Red Tale Media on the evolution of digital media in Pakistan and how different clients approach it these days and here is what he had to say:

What are your views on the evolution of digital media in Pakistan?

Pakistan is evolving to a digital landscape at a very fast rate, as of right now there is 13% increase in social media usage annually in Pakistan and 68% of social media users are on the mobile platform. I believe that companies and individuals need to start thinking digital now if they want to catch a slice of that huge digital space in the future, as it is the future now.

What are some of the hurdles you face as a company while interacting with potential clients about adopting digital media?

I think right now companies are more adaptable because they are witnessing how their competition is aggressively using social media to promote themselves. When I meet clients, it is easy to make them understand what kind of services my company can provide them because they already have an idea of how it will benefit them. The biggest hurdle I face about digital media adoption is that a lot of companies want to either advance too fast on it because they think progress on that platform is quick, but that’s not the case. Due to that, the main hurdle is to bring their attention to the fact that digital marketing has no exact formula to it and that as such they need to keep revamping and adapting their strategies in order to hit the right mark because the digital trends and market move fast.

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