What Tech Enthusiasts can Expect from Google I/O Extended 2019

Did you know? Google I/O Extended 2019 Islamabad is just around the corner! We tell you everything you need to know about the event! – from what it is, what value you can draw from it and what you can expect. If you’re a tech enthusiast, this one ought not to be missed!  


What is Google I/O Extended 2019?


The Google I/O is one of the most anticipated annual conferences for tech enthusiasts across the globe where Google makes some of its biggest announcements. The main idea of the conference is to celebrate developers and tech enthusiasts by bringing them together from around the world for talks, hands-on learning with Google experts, and a first look at Google’s latest developer products. In contrast, Google I/O Extended serves as an extension of this event in a variety of countries for those who can’t make it to the actual conference in the US. So, all of you who can’t fly their way to the actual conference, we are hosting one right here in Islamabad at the National Incubation Centre on the 13th of July’19.


So, what should you expect from this version of Google I/O Extended?


Well, for starters you’ll be able to witness the Google I/O keynote and experience the excitement of the event without having to fly to California. In addition to that, the event will also be accommodating sessions prior to and after the streaming of the keynote, including  an introductory session on getting started with Kotlinwhich will be delivered by the well-known Android Kotlin Developer, Ahmed Rizwan. Discussing its scope, he would be shedding light on its framework and scale abilityA hands-on training workshop on Flutterwill be conducted by Mubashir Ali.


Given that Virtual Realityand Augmented Reality are the two hot topics brought forward by the 4thindustrial revolution. Some super cool products and technologies revolving around VR/ARhave been announced at the Google I/O, Mountain View. At the extended event we’ve got Ibrahim Ali fromVisionXto talk about how Google Maps can now be integrated with VR/ARtechnology. With industry specialists joining us on the event, our Code Lab sessions are specially organized to empower developers to build the best experiences.


And last but not the least to a WTM panel discussing the interconnection between technology and entertainment and how they can be used as a powerful tool in building a stable ecosystem.


To incorporate fun into this amazing learning experience the event will also have a bunch of other exciting and crazy activities featuring Google schwag as the cherry on top.


This is more than just a conference! It is a place where developers can experience Google I/O exclusively.

Drop by if you’re ready to experience the magic of Google I/O.




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