How this Online Travel Marketplace Plans to Take on the Tourism Industry Post COVID-19 Lockdown in Pakistan

FindMyAdventure is Pakistan’s first online marketplace for people to search, compare, discover and book trips, tours and travel experiences across Pakistan at any price point. Komail Abbas Naqvi, co-founder of FindMyAdventure shares his hopes of a bright future post-corona. 


How has the current COVID-19 situation affected your business? 


The current COVID-19 situation has brought the world to a standstill, and travel is the worst hit globally. For us these are the most difficult times we’ve ever seen. Currently all business is halted on the commercial end.


What are you doing to keep your operations up and running during these times? 


Sales operations are currently suspended. However, we believe this time is very important for us to take a deep breath and work on processes and systems. So, in a way this is automatic cleansing of the business, which we couldn’t do previously because all teams were deeply involved in day-to-day operations. We have a very energetic bunch, who are making sure they make most of this down time.


Which tools are you using to stay productive and for keeping in touch with your team? 


Zoom is leading the way everyone works these days. At FMA,  we encourage a responsible attitude in our team and expect them to work on their own whether at the office or remote. Things haven’t changed much, however since these are tough times business wise as well for us, everyone is trying to do more than they can.



What are you doing to stay positive? 


To play my part, I’ve been talking to mentors and industry leaders globally and trying to learn from them. The situation that we’re in, no one had predicted something of this scale would take place and for the first time in a century have things gone so bad. My positivity comes from my team and the fact that they are always ready to sacrifice their comfort/future for the company and they are confident on not only how we’ll work through the pandemic, but also emerge stronger.


This crisis has shown us that the world will be different once we move past this situation. How will you pivot and what would you do differently in a post-Corona world?


For us, the focus is on surviving and emerging stronger than before. We will hopefully not pivot, but we will certainly have a lot more to offer than what we currently do. Travel sector always grows exponentially after it gets hit and this time, it’s hit the worst so we expect a similar rebound. Also, for us, we see Pakistan as a much bigger market now post-corona and we’re ready to take it on.



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