Mahira Khan & Hassaan Khan On Changing the Game with Mashion

Here is a one on one with Mahira Khan and Hassaan Khan on how they plan on creating an impact on the lives of the women in Pakistan through Mashion.

What do you consider the biggest risk you have ever taken?

HK: Leaving a stable job and starting two ventures is by far the riskiest thing I’ve ever done, but I’ve learnt so much and I have no doubt that I will continue to learn way more than I would have if I stuck around at my 9-5.

MK: Well, it’s a huge risk. My brother left his job. I am investing in it and even though people think it’s easy to make money, it’s actually not when you are particular about maintaining a certain standard. Another decision we took is to create original content, that in itself is a hard task. However, for me whether this does well or not (hope it does exceedingly well), I do believe that taking risks and chances is essential for growth.

Was it always part of the plan to have your own business?

HK: I think both of us wanted something we could call our own, something we could pour our energies in and take full ownership of.

MK: Not really. Even now I don’t think I really understand business. I always wanted to have a blog when I was in college and I think this is an extension of that.

What are the top lessons you learned as an actor that are proving useful for your business?

MK: Honestly, as an actor I’ve learnt to go by instinct and that is exactly how I deal with Mashion. It has also allowed me to meet people from every walk of life and that in itself gives me a perspective larger than most people.

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