Making IoT Work in Pakistan

IoT is a tremendous upcoming trend all over the world. One of the hurdles in adopting the new technology is not a dearth of products, but the high price points. Anzen, a startup led by Ershian Anwar resolves this problem for the Pakistani population – “our unique selling point is that we cannot only match global brands in terms of cost, features and local tech support, but we understand problems of the local market much better than any other brand. We provide not just off-the-shelf products, but we also provide step-by-step support in installation of our products.” According to him, it is no less than magic to see people adopting the new technology and discovering its wonders. Read more to discover how Anzen is making lives simple through its technology. Read more as the Founder of Anzen, Ershian Anwar Talks about Making Life Simple with Iot.

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