Maryam Arshad on How Things Have Improved for the Better in Pakistan and what the Future Holds

Maryam Arshad, one of our cover stars, is a dreamer, a builder and currently weaving her dreams into reality. Being a community builder, she passionately aspires, every single day, to continuously help build the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Among other things, we talk about the most important lesson she has learned along the way while working as a female entrepreneur – “Things have improved and changed for the better in Pakistan, but then you can still smell misogyny. It breathes in comments, in panels, in discussions; it is in the air! The only way to tackle it is to be strong-headed. Nothing can deter a woman from achieving her goal if she has her eyes on the prize and not the noise around it. Generally speaking, there is absolutely no substitute for hard work. I remember mentioning this at the start of 2018 as well: fluff sells well so do goods from China, but the talented eventually get noticed.” We talked about a lot more from aspirations and motivations to future projects and the much-needed aspects of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Read more now!

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