Pakistan Startup Cup 2019 – 18 Startups Competing for the Prize

The 5thedition of Pakistan Startup Cup, which started out in October 2018 is coming to a close, where only 3 startups will emerge winners. More than 1800 startups applied to the competition; the shortlisted ones underwent rigorous evaluation, mentoring and coaching. With the finale of the competition approaching, we take a look at the 18 startups that are in the running for the ultimate prize in celebration of the spirit of nurturing entrepreneurship.


Did you know that there is a total of 22 million disabled persons in Pakistan, out of which 1.2 million registered persons are hearing impaired. The hurdle of communication between these people and the general public poses a serious challenge. On a mission to overcome this challenge, DeafTawk offers sign language services through online video platforms, primarily using Skype, Whatsapp and Faceook, to connect the deaf community with quality sign language interpreters. At the moment, they offer these services on a monthly subscription fee.

Mauqa Online

Shortage of reliable house help is something we can all relate to! Mauqa Online offers a simple solution – through a platform that provides verified and trained domestic help from maids to cooks and baby sitters on an hourly basis. An on-demand service, think of it like the ‘Uber’ for domestic helpers. By making this simple concept into a workable business model, Mauqa Online comes to the rescue and has managed to make a reputable brand name in the market. Just give them 2 hours notice and the help will be on the way!

KB Mustard Oil

The lack of hygienic oil in Baluchistan, Pakistan motivated the founder of KB Mustard Oil to work on the mission to provide pure and organic mustard oil. Founded 4 years ago in a male-dominated industry by a female, KB has grown tremendously and brings mustard oil, which is a multi-purpose product. What sets her business apart from other competitors in the area is the novel branding for the products and the 100% organic quality that other players in the market currently don’t offer.

Gul Tech

In the mining industry, it is a common occurring for mine workers to expire from accidents everywhere in areas where there are harmful gases underground in mines. Gul Tech was formed as part of a research project, which was performed with the ambition to secure the valuable lives of coal mine laborers. Gul Tech uses a controlling system with a wireless sensor method with wearable helmets to perceive real-time electronic surveillance. They system detects harmful gases and alerts the user to the danger. The helmet is also embedded with a pulse sensor, which detects the heartbeat and keeps a check on the physical and mental health of the wearer. Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is used to track a real-time location of each worker to provide immediate assistance in case of an accident.


The future is all about the mobile – Doso allows users to control appliances through a mobile application and voice command. Whether it’s heavy appliances, water indication, door locking system voltage or current control. Through this app, users can also see real time data from temperature and current voltage to gas detection and more.

NanoIT Solutions

NanoITSolutions is a unique startup built around creating immersive human experiences. They’re the first in Pakistan to create and develop commercial entertainment and educational immersive VR products based on motion platforms and software content. What sets these motion platforms apart from others is that they are not imported, but developed indigenously in Pakistan. Their products include a Car Simulator, Flight Simulator, Car Driving Sim for Kids and VR Motion Ride.  Their current set of products is showcased in an Arcade named VRHere in Peshawar. Their aim is to develop and sell these products and expand the VRHere Arcade throughout the nation and even worldwide.


On a mission to change the future of medicine one product at a time, Aprus’ visionrevolves around using electrosurgical units during surgeries to make them safe, to reduce the recovery time after surgeries so that patients can live healthy lives and to reduce the side effects of surgeries. In five years, they see their company having captured all of the Pakistani market and exporting to the international market.


Bera brings together the traditional craft of indigenous artisans with a modern flair and trends to make products that appeal to the local and international market while promoting the cottage industry. It is the ultimate solution to uplift the cottage industry of Pakistan, which has been in turmoil due to big brands that offer low cost, modern designs and greater variety. Bera promotes high quality and modern design while empowering artisans.


Cell phone snatching and theft is a significant, ever-increasing problem in Pakistan – according to research, more than 250,000 cell phones are snatched or stolen in a year. VerifApp brings a solution in the form of a handset registration, blocking/unblocking and tracking platform in partnership with all telecom operators in Pakistan. Through this solution, users get full control of the mobile handset and can unblock and track in offline mode in case of theft or loss of their handset.


Closet immaculately brings the sharing economy model into fashion, allowing rental of clothes. Through this online fashion rental marketplace, people can rent clothes at 10% of the original price and look stylish without putting a dent in their pocket. In addition to renting clothes, people can also list their own clothes for rental on the marketplace and earn money.


Revolutionizing the accountancy and bookkeeping profession through automation with AI, Receiptbot has an app that takes away the monotony from accounting and bookkeeping. This app is intuitive, robotic and informative, bringing together all relevant information on one dashboard to make it easy to use and navigate.


Change the way you travel with Traverous – everyone takes pictures during their travels. Traverous takes it a step further – a mobile app that incorporates social features, enabling travellers to capture, revive and relive their travel experiences. With Traverous, users can track their journeys and create animated videos, incorporating 3D maps with high definition terrain and scenery. The animated video comes out as one that is drone captured except that the scenery is animated and artificial. With Traverous, you can now transform your travel experience into inspiring personal stories.


An up and coming Digital Media Company, ProperGaanda, is an independent recorder of Pakistan’s peculiarities, amplifying the voice of progressive Pakistanis from all over the world while still focusing on creating quality content. At its heart, PG is a voice of the people, by the people, for the people. Currently, PG churns out visual and written content based on politics, culture, satire and entertainment. Moreover, ProperGaanda aims to become Pakistan’s first global digital media platform.


By 2020, 90% of the population in Pakistan will have access to mobile broadband. Leveraging this rapid speed of Internet penetration, EDKASA makes rockstar secondary teachers accessible for after-school learning at an affordable price. EDKASA meticulously recruits top quality teaching talent and trains them on online teaching practices. These teachers conduct live virtual sessions as well as record high quality learning videos that help student prepare for the year-end secondary school examination.


The ultimate social network and marketplace for pets, pets’ accessory sellers and pet sitters, PetVet offers the optimal solution for pet lovers where they can talk about their pets with other pet owners, share knowledge and experience related to their respective pets.

Automated Water System in Agriculture

Under the old farming methodology, there is a lot of water wastage because there is no way to measure how much water the seed needs at different stages. Automated Water System is a startup that works on automating a specific area of land through water lines and controlling water supply digitally. This can be applied for canal irrigation as well as tube wells.

Reflection Laundry Services

Getting clean clothes at your doorstep was never simpler! Reflection Laundry Service is an on-demand laundry platform – offering their services in Faisalabad, the startup has a team that picks up clothes from your doorstep, cleans them as per the client’s preferences and delivers them back at your doorstep. They offer special packages for students living in hostels, the only one of its kind company that offers affordable prices and high value in a neat little package.


Which startup are you rooting for? The winner will be revealed soon – stay tuned!


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