Paving the Way for the Masses to Benefit from the Internet

Muhammad Mustafa and Suniya Saadullah Khan, the founders of Mauqa Online are striving to create a way for the illiterate and underprivileged. According to a report published by the State Bank of Pakistan, the market potential of Digital Finance Services in Pakistan will cross $36 billion by 2025, providing a 7% boost to the GDP, creating 4 million new jobs and resulting in $263 billion in new deposits. This brings up the question that the illiterate are at the risk of being left out of this new development. Mauqa Online might have a solution to this! As stated by Suniya, the co-founder of the company, “our startup began with a discussion with Mustafa on how the majority of information available on the Internet is accessible only by those who are literate. Right now, an illiterate person is unable to access any of the opportunities available on the Internet, even if they had the means to access it. We challenged ourselves to see if there was a way illiterate people could access the Internet to increase their daily income and whether, by being given this opportunity (‘mauqa’!), they could bring a positive change in their lives. Lots of research and many pivots later, we launched Mauqa Online.” Find out all about how Mauqa Online has set out to change lives! Read more.

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