Qareeb takes Dukandar Over as Sister Organization has never failed to impress since its inception in March 2017 and continues to do so, as it proudly announces its merger with the international e-commerce brand has grown as a startup within the walls of NIC Peshawar to become one of Pakistan’s most efficient e-commerce stores. The store deals in products from various categories, presenting its unique selling proposition in the form of testing and verifying products’ quality before it reaches their customers. 

Haris Shahzad, the founder of is very excited about the merger of two companies. Previously he has worked with InstaShop, which was one of the largest FMCG and grocery-based e-commerce platforms in the MENA region. Together with his partner Ismail Khan, they have extensive experience of working in the Middle Eastern market, which NIC believes can bring a lot to the table after the merger of Qareeb and Dukandar. “I’m very excited about this new development. Local knowledge of my team and international exposure of Qareeb will bring in a great value addition in Pakistani’s e-commerce industry.”

Qareeb is an international delivery service operating in UAE, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, connecting customers to their favorite local grocery stores in less than one hour, bringing products to customers’ doorsteps without the hassle of them leaving the comfort of their homes.

This merger will extend Dukandar’s previous delivery reach of all over Pakistan to all over Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Egypt and Turkey are to be on the expansion map next.

When Dukandar landed at NIC Peshawar, their coach, Sayyed Ahmad Masud, worked tirelessly with the team to refine their potential, and focus on apparent pain-points in their practices that hindered essential growth of the brand. Masud focused especially over their digital media marketing, ROI maintenance, and identification of niche. These efforts contributed to a quick growth of Dukandar during their short incubation period of one year. The commitment of the team and the coach’s hard work combined to allow the company to ultimately plough through victoriously, and towards a brighter future in the world of e-commerce. Murtaza Zaidi, Director NIC Peshawar expresses his enthusiasm regarding the merger,“It is very refreshing to see Dukandar grew so much to get international attention. Them reaching enough value to be able to merge with an international brand like Qareeb, proves to us the potential of Pakistani entrepreneurial ecosystem, and just how much it can grow with the help of dedicated startups like this.”

Qareeb’s merger with this company will allow Pakistani vendors and customers to be exposed to a larger international market. Therefore, given a wider international reach, exports from local vendors will skyrocket, further resulting in cultural products, local resources, and national handiwork to be globally commercialized and recognized. Dukandar and Qareeb together will open gates to a huge influx of investment into the country, and a new chapter in Pakistan’s global market presence.

Moreover, the preexisting short delivery time of 1-4 working days may be cut down to single-day delivery for nonperishable products, and an under 1 hour delivery time for groceries. 

Dukandar has already proved its competence as an online store, and is already on its way to success. To boost its growth, perhaps an experienced company like Qareeb is exactly what the brilliant startup Dukandar needs to reach the next level! 

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