5 Values Hiring Managers Are Looking For

While your mind gets fluttered with so many questions during an interview, it is always better to keep things simple and make the process easier for yourself and the hiring manager. Although, it’s always good to do your homework and be ready for the questions that can be asked during an interview, hiring managers are always looking at candidates from the perspective of whether or not someone would be a good fit for their company. Knowing the answers to some of these questions can help you land that perfect job.

What value are you adding?

By adding unique value, you are not expected to have superpowers. It just means having a unique set of skills or being able to use the same set of skills as everyone else, more effectively. This could be your ability to form new networks and utilize them, work experience that allows you to be helpful or your ability to communicate with others.

Are you a team player?

Trust is the biggest factor when it comes to teamwork. Being a part of an organization or a team does not only require you to be on time, stick to yours and the company’s deadlines, it also means that your team can depend on you and trust you to provide the support and guidance it needs. For this, you should have the ability to communicate your appreciation for people and their efforts.

What is your mindset?

Although hiring managers are interested in knowing about your willingness for personal growth, they are equally interested in knowing how invested will you be in the growth of the company. So, while you talk about your ambitions and where you would want to be in the next five years, make sure you also talk about how you can play a crucial role in helping the company grow and flourish. in the next five years, make sure you also talk about how you can play a crucial role in helping the company grow and flourish.

Are you an optimist?

The undeniable fact is that interviews make people nervous. You might be sitting in front of a group of people who you might not have seen or met before. However, you have to use these jitters as a strength and come up with ways for being yotur best self. For this, complaining its a big no! Always remember, complaining about your previous employer, the industry or how things are not being done right are only going to portray you as someone who looks at the wrong side of things.

What drives you?

While outside motivations are encouraging and motivating, nothing screams value more than your ability to be self-motivated. Assure the hiring manager that you are proactive and love to take initiative.


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