Aprus: Changing the Future of Medicine, One Product at a Time

Aprus is one of the most promising startups in the KPK region. While sharing their “present to future” plan with Startup Guide Pakistan, here is what they had to say.

The Why

Our vision revolves around using electrosurgical units during surgeries to make them safe, to reduce the recovery time after surgeries so that patients can live healthy lives and to reduce the side effects of surgeries.

Are there any other devices like yours in the market internationally or locally? What makes yours different?

There are other local as well as international devices available in the market. With the other local devices, patients face alternate site burns and shocks. Other international devices don’t have such issues, but the problem with them is the charring and unwanted thermal damage of tissues. We are working on new technology, which uses artificial intelligence-based control system or instant response technology. This minimizes the charring and unwanted thermal damage of tissues. We will be the first in the world to achieve this result and we are also 10 times cheaper.

How do you see this technology making a significant change in the medical section locally and worldwide?

According to a research, 66 million surgeries are performed per year in Pakistan. If we only consider the benefit of this device in the country, this device can eliminate the charring and unwanted thermal damage to those 66 million patients. In addition, the same number of patients, with the use of this device, would experience faster recovery time and safer surgeries.

Are you working on other similar products for the medical sector?

Yes, we are working on different medical equipment, but initially, we are focusing on one product only. We would like the company to grow with this product first and then introduce our next product, which is a sterilizer.

How has NIC Peshawar contributed towards your growth?

Our background is of engineering we had no knowledge of running a company – we pitched our idea at NIC and we got selected. Here at NIC, we got the right coaches, mentors and the right knowledge through Founders Institute’s course. We also got the right linkages with industry – all these are factors that we have been lucky to get access to as a startup.

Where do you see your company in five years?

After five years, we would have captured all of the Pakistani market and would also be exporting to the international market. We see ourselves as a million dollar company by then Inshallah.

Read the full article here: Aprus: Changing the Future of Medicine, One Product at a Time

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