Blockchain 101: The Workshop

Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community in the world. We regularly host successful entrepreneurs, investors, educationalists and business leaders from our local ecosystem so they can share their journey with aspiring entrepreneurs.

In August Startup Grind is focusing on Blockchain! #SGBLOCKCHAIN is our global initiative to teach Blockchain fundamentals and educate people about the use cases built on the top of this new technology.


About the Workshop:
Blockchain is a cutting-edge technology that can be used to enable peer-to-peer transaction of anything of value including assets, property, and contracts, using cryptography in lieu of trusted intermediaries Corporate executives, marketers, IT specialists, CEO’s, senior strategists and entrepreneurs who wish to fully understand their practical applications and opportunities should attend.

About the Speaker:
Jawad Sadiq is an ACCA turned software engineer with over 7 years of software development experience in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript and over a year of experience in blockchain technologies. He is currently working as a Blockchain Architect at AndPercent and is also a visiting faculty member of Roots IVY Colleges.

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