COVID-19 Screening & Counseling: How this Telemedicine Startup Re-configured its Services during the Pandemic


Sehat Kahani is an all-female health network that provides affordable and convenient healthcare for all using telemedicine. Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram, co-founder of Sehat Kahani tells us about the additional features they’re offering on the app; they’re collaboration with Digital Pakistan and more 


How has the current COVID-19 situation affected your business? 


Sehat Kahani aims to connect an untapped resource of PMDC-certified female physicians and connect them with patients across the nation, providing them with an affordable and convenient solution of telemedicine using their network of E- clinics in low income communities and via their mobile application for corporates and consumers. Sehat Kahani has impacted 150,000 plus patients till date and has a network of 1500 doctors.


During the current Covid-19 situation, where at one end our e-clinics have been affected across Pakistan due to lockdown, we, as a company, took a bold step to re-configure our services to help more people during this unfortunate pandemic. Sehat Kahani has made its mobile telemedicine mobile application FREE OF COST for anyone to use for the next 3 months. This service will be available 24/7.Our doctors and specialists are trained for Covid-19 screening/counseling. This service will be crucial for all those who might be suffering from Covid-19 or other primary care issues and cannot go to the hospital due to OPD closure or coronavirus exposure risk. We have collaborated with Digital Pakistan led by SAPM Tania Aidrus to create awareness about our platform and services. In one week, more than 2000 patients have been consulted on the platforms including covid-19 suspected patients. We are also offering highly subsidized consultations packages for corporates who want to access the services for their employees in this time of need. 


What are you doing to keep your operations up and running during these times? 


We are using Microsoft Teams and Zoom for internal and external meetings. We have made our day to day operations task-based rather schedule-based. As our team is also motivated to provide best quality services to anyone who is using the application, I have seen a lot of self responsibility and dedication towards our cause from the team. There are some challenges related to connectivity for some employees, who can update us of their progress regularly, using phone calls.  


Which tools are you using to stay productive and for keeping in touch with your team? 


Constant communication with all team members; increasing their morale and appreciating their efforts in work in difficult and uncertain circumstances. My co-founder and I regularly post videos to encourage the employees. We’re also keeping in touch with our clinical staff, assuring them that despite the clinics not working, we will support them financially until the clinics re-start again. We try to stay away from all the negative news circulating on social media and WhatsApp groups, but keep finding authentic news to follow and keep ourselves aware of new developments in the situation.


What are you doing to stay positive? 


Sehat Kahani’s vision is to provide healthcare for ALL, using telemedicine and video consultation via our network of trained doctors. Every crisis brings a unique opportunity to create innovative solutions that can significantly change. Globally, this pandemic can result in a paradigm shift in how digital health solutions can be used to help patients efficiently and cost effectively. We are working day and night to make the most of our circumstances and resources to pivot our business to be able to help people in this difficult time. 


This crisis has shown us that the world will be different once we move past this situation. How will you pivot and what would you do differently in a post-Corona world?


The world will never be the same. We are seeing how businesses are rapidly adapting their strategies to become completely digital. We are working on making our e-clinics contactless as well along with our mobile application to make sure we do not have to close down any part of our business if this kind of situation arises again. We also will lobby hard for telemedicine policies to be in place, so regulation and accountability standards can be created.


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