How a Group of Entrepreneurs found Innovative Solutions to New Problems?

Do you have insurance? Have you ever wondered that you need it and felt the need to compare which insurance policy is most suited to your requirements? According to Maliha Javed Khan, the co-founder of easyisurance, “only 2% of Pakistan’s population is insured and while the industry holds great potential, Pakistani people are unaware of the benefits of insurance as a tool to lower financial risks. This is when I was bought into the idea of putting together, which is a simple website that allows users to select, compare and buy insurance plans online. Easyinsurance is the breath of fresh innovation the Pakistani insurance industry requires, with an aim to educate the masses about insurance and create a user-friendly tool for people to find the perfect plan.” What has it meant for Maliha to be a part of this venture? Read more, as she shares an account in Startup Guide’s ‘Startup Diary’

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