Stay Connected to your Customers During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 crisis, most business activity is at a halt. While consumption patterns have changed, it does not mean that your business is going to close. This time presents the perfect opportunity to take a detailed account of your business model, marketing activities and online presence and take actions to work on aspects that always needed work, but there was never enough time. We take a detailed look at some of the areas that you can work on to benefit your business from this downtime and enhance your brand and online presence.

Even if you’re not delivering products and services, this is the time to strengthen your connection with your customer and to build more trust.

1. Make sure you keep your customers informed about your brand and business activity during this time. Update the timings on your Facebook and Google Business pages.

2. If you’re offering something special during this time in the form of any kind of support, update your website and social media platforms with that information.

3. If you own a brick and mortar store and have switched to home delivery, make sure you post about it often to keep your customers updated; if you have an SMS marketing list, use that to keep your customers informed.

4. Clearly identify any new services you have introduced for your business. Facebook pages give an option for updating services and Google business pages also allow you to add posts and edit services. If your existing customers are searching for your business online, this will allow them to see what is new with your business.

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